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Rally Racing
Couleurs Berberes is situated on 7 hectares and has its own private parking with a capacity of 500 vehicles. We provide necessary lighting for car repairs during rallies even late at night. There is a 4.5 m high wall surrounding the property for security.

Raid Afri 4L

Support Team

A 4.5 m high wall surrounding the property for maximized security

Shots from the 100% female rally Pole Position and rally Afri 4L

Female rally Pôle Position : only female participants

Rally Pôle Position : Females from all over the world!

The goal is to go out from the city and only in a 40 minutes’ car drive find yourself in the countryside, far from the noise of the crowd and the pollution of the city, a place where you can leave behind the bustling routine and open your hearts to new feelings and sensations, a place that will help people get together and unite…

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