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 Introduction to astronomy suitable for all kinds of groups: corporate, anniversaries, weddings, excursions, child entertainment, etc.
You can promise the moon to someone. We will bring it down for you!

"The stars are far away but their light is warm. They erase the darkness from the night and from a man´s heart."
Driss Chraďbi

- Watching the most important constellations and placing them with a laser light.
- Introduction to the legends and myths of the starry sky.
- Bare-eyed and telescope stargazing


As soon as the night covers the sky, the moon let us see a waxing moon that seems to hold the twilight.
After, little by little, sparkling light starts embracing the sky discreetly – letting time to our audience to dive into this light ocean.
Heavenly Ride
The moment to meet the actors has arrived: The Ursa major, the Cassiopeia, Orion, Hercules - they will be our hosts.
It is not only to indicate but also to learn how to use your eyes to observe and discover the human eye-visible stars, only with the help of the "mobile map of the sky".

Deep in the Sky

It is now that the stargazing tools start to work to show all the magnificence of our Universe: planets, galaxies, star cumulus, nebulas, moon craters, etc. The magic and the poetry of the space abyss do their show and offer to the visitors a moment of appreciated privacy that will leave always a great memory in their minds.

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