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Sustainable Tourism

Unlike the world of 50 years ago, today nearly everyone travels, to destinations near and far. The world has truly become a much smaller place than it was just a generation or two ago. Travel by its very nature has an impact - often negative - on the environment, on the cultures and on the economies of local people who play host to tourism throughout the world. This is why sustainable travel - travel that leaves the world a better place for us having been there - is essential to help maintain a healthy balance between providing a means to enjoy the journey while at the same time protecting the very resources that attract us to lands near and far in the first place.

"Couleurs Berbčres" adheres to the fair and sustainable tourism way. The population of the Douars (Berber villages) in Morocco perpetuates an ancestral way of life which is part of the heritage and richness of Morocco. Therefore it is important for us to preserve this architectural, cultural and agricultural heritage of the region.
At "Couleurs Berbčres" we help the local population to stabilize through creating over 100 jobs for local young people, helping them develop professonally, buying local products and crafts, charity donated to schools, clinics (vaccination campaignes) and needy families of the area.
The traditions and local customs must be preserved to be transmitted to future generations.

We consider very important for the visitors of "Couleurs Berbčres" to get to know the lifestyle of the local community, their traditions and habits, Berber folklore, crafts and arts.
Our visitors have the opportunity to explore Berber culture and way of life by visiting nearby villages, schools and families, doing various activities together and participating in their everyday routine, thus contributing to the community as well as having a better understanding of the local’s lives.
We adhere to energy and water conservation using alternative (solar) energy (hot water, A/C) and economizing the use of water, the latter being a rare resource on the continent.
And last but not least, educating guests and staff to "green” is essential for us to achieve sustainability in our neighbourhood and the region.
Our aim is also achieved through the various workshops available at spot: Moroccan cuisine, local crafts (clay, pottery, basketry, olive oil making), calligraphy, henna tattoos, folklore, drumming, etc. all led by the local craftsmen.
In this context it is also necessary to motivate people to grow fruit, vegetables and other local produce.

 Therefore, with the proximity of "Couleurs Berbčres", it is the market that comes to them and not the contrary, which provides our customers with 100% organic locally-grown food!
We are using only durable service items (porcelain, wood, ceramic); our towels, sheets and blankets are all reusable (we are using environmental cleaning means only) and all the waste is either recycled or composted.



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