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Are you interested in paragliding? Then go ahead and make the leap: join the team of dedicated professionals who have a goal to make you an amateur or a certified paragliding pilot. Later, if you wish, they will help you discover with a paraglider flight the magnificent landscapes around Couleurs Berberes.


A "baptism" is a discovery flight of two hence the term "tandem flight”. The paraglider pilot is an experienced professional (and often the instructor or school counselor) for the carriage of passengers, provided by RC and Single for him and the passenger. The passenger usually has nothing to do, but in the air, the pilot can pass him commands and explain the steering (very simple).
The price of a flight is 70 euros, the reservations are accepted minimum a day before 12:00.
This activity can engage groups of up to 40 people, provided we are informed a week in advance.

Paragliding School
Students learn how to control the glider on the ground, practicing take-offs and controlling the wing 'overhead'. Low, gentle hills are next where students get their first short flights, flying at very low altitudes, to get used to the handling of the wing over varied terrain.
As their skills progress, students move on to steeper/higher hills (or higher winch tows), making longer flights and learning to turn the glider, control the glider's speed, then moving on to 360° turns, spot landings, ‘big ears’ (used to increase the rate of descent for the paraglider), and other more advanced techniques. Training instructions are often provided to the student via radio, particularly during the first flights.
The training flight of a glider, in three steps:
1. Initiation-progression paragliding
Learning the basics of piloting the glider
- Control of the veil off
- Management of a flight plan
- Integrate circuit and landing
- Introduction to winches (reel and reel)
During this training, you'll gradually learn some academic courses too, such as:
- Aerodynamics
- Mechanical flight
- Concept of meteorology and aerology

The stage initiation-progression is divided into 4 levels, each level corresponds to one or more exercises in flight.
After 2 to 3 flights with an instructor, you will prepare your solo flights (guided radio) with confidence.
All the exercises require 10 to 12 solo flights.

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