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Teambuilding  - Where there is willingness, there is a way!
The virtues of the game: different means of learning, convenient to the gathering of ideas and research for solutions:
• Stimulate the support of all to the mission • Motivate by establishing a convenient climate
• Reveal their complementarities • Help facilitate the traffic of information, the exchange and the capitalization of experiences
• Strengthen the dynamics of relationships between the co-workers • Develop common methods of work and share the best experience

Attention: all the teambuilding activities are conducted with backgroud music and sound system. In case of rain or bad weather, we have a plan B,
the venue having 10 covered rooms indoor activities are possible. The venue has its own Property and Casualty Insurance which covers your customers as well.




Obstacle course: a helmet, a military jacket, a belt with holster, a water bottle and a backpack filled with straw

Donkey relay

Giant babouches race

The climbing wall

Aromas of spices

Giant monopoly


Mobile bridge: each team of 7-9 people has a different color bib. 

 Pottery workshop


Cooking classes

The super obstacle

Jellaba football

Donkey polo

Course of barrels

Beduin tent construction

Wheelbarrow water carrier

Skill games

The hangman

Canoe kayak race

Game of balance


Water carriers in gandouras

A shady corner with chairs and refreshments(soft drinks: soda and mineral water fountain)

Jamaa el Fna fishing

Catterpillar game: a team of 5 people 20 m distance to cover

Departure and arrival points

Mountain biking in the High Atlas mountains

Possibility of outings to discover the neighbourhood on quads for 1-2 hours

Gymkhana by quads - a closed circuit on premises

Skill game: rifle shooting after a teamwork

The suspended

 Choreography contest - A battle dance

Stress management

Beautiful circuit around the venue passing by the lake of Takerkoust, the tiny Berber villages and the High Atlas

You will cross the forest and the lake of Takerkoust

Hiking in the High Atlas

Buggy-riding during an incentive or a seminar is a thrilling activity

 Participants will learn to master this all-terrain vehicle in off road ride or a treasure hunt

Professional two-seated vehicles - possibility of outings for half a day up to 3 days. A professional team will ensure your safety and comfort

A camelback ride at the lakeshore

Horseback rides in the High Atlas

Two petanque fields at your disposal

Stretching and yoga

A volleyball court with bleachers

A basketball court with bleachers

Water polo and water basketball:one of the activities suitable for this pool 20m x10m

Water volley

Sunbeds and towels available free of charge, as well as umbrellas and pergola to shelter from the sun.

Paragliding: a specialized school only 900 m away from the venue

 Even if you never tried paragliding before, it is possible to have a baptism flight with an instructor

For about half an hour you will enjoy the picturesque panorama below

We advice to schedule a meal with teambuilding activities for your team to avoid to avoid exhausting transportation and loss of precious time.
We offer a variety of services at your disposal: leisure room, swimming pools, sports, animation and more.

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