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Conference Space

We have 3 halls of 180m˛ each, with a 650 pax total capacity, adjustable in 2 subcommittee rooms. The halls can be set to fit your needs: theater, U shape, school, etc.
There is a pergola outside the conference rooms that can hold up to 500 people, perfect for the coffee breaks, privatized service for your meal, etc. It’s surrounded by a lush garden with roses, flowers, olives and fruit trees. A pool is located facing the pergola for the participants of the incentives.
The rooms can have other functions as well: dance halls, projection rooms, cinema area, private catering area, etc.


A central campfire in the middle of a 20m diameter paved circle, dug 1,5 meters into the ground. It has a capacity of 350 pax. The fire is surrounded by a wrought iron openwork structure for protection of the charcoal fragments in case of wind. The steps form a round amphitheater, a cozy area around the fire to gather around at night and enjoy the performances of local artists and to celebrate the whole night away.

Outdoor Amphitheater

An amphitheater with the capacity of 450 pax that can be a meeting area for a company seminar, a space for entertainment, a dance floor or whatever your needs might be. The floor is a giant chessboard. The space has its own bar area with sound and light system for discoteques and other events.


Grand Nomadic tent

As part of the circle formed by the tents, the grand nomadic tent is paved and tiled, the ground is covered with beautiful Berber rugs. The tent can hold 150 pax; it has an iron structure to insure stability and security. The tent is for meal service, but can also be used for meetings and different activities. The tent is equipped with multiple electrical plugs in the interior and exterior for sound and light equipments.
In front of the tent, an esplanade with a bar to accommodate coffee breaks, open bars, as well as the perfect area to relax, dance, celebrate an event or set a giant screen for projection.

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